Robert W. Dunford

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Future patterns of European ecosystem services provision are likely to vary significantly as a result of climatic and socio-economic change and the implementation of adaptation strategies. However, there is little research in mapping future ecosystem services and no integrated assessment approach to map the combined impacts of these drivers. Map changing(More)
We reconsider parity violation experiments in atomic hydrogen and deuterium in the light of existing tests of the Electroweak interactions, and assess whether new experiments, using improved experimental techniques, could make useful contributions to testing the Standard Model (SM). We find that, if parity experiments in hydrogen can be done, they remain(More)
The 2 3 P 1 − 2 3 P 0 fine-structure splitting has been and still is a subject of experimental and theoretical interest in atomic physics. While in low-Z systems for neutral helium and Li + very accurate calculations have been carried out in the 70´s, for helium-like high-Z ions new methods were needed to determine this fine structure splitting. Meanwhile,(More)
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