Robert W. Doran

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Absfruct-An improved variation on the carry look-ahead adder has been proposed by Ling. Ling's approach is based on the propagation of a composite term in place of the conventional look-ahead carry. This approach gives an adder that is faster and less expensive. In this paper, Ling's adder is introduced and described in a general manner in order to expose(More)
Here we summarise the properties and algorithms of the Gray code. Descriptions are given of the Gray code definition, algorithms and circuits for generating the code and for conversion between binary and Gray code, for incrementing, counting, and adding Gray code words. Some interesting applications of the code are also treated. Java implementations of the(More)
"Virtual memory" is a computing term which has come into increasing use in recent years. Unfortunately, like other new expressions, its use often causes controversy and misunderstanding, for it is used to mean different things by different people. Not long ago when one major computer vendor announced the introduction of the new technique of 'virtual(More)
A description is given of extensions to the architecture of Amdahl's first mainframe computers, which were hard-wired implementations of the IBM System/370 architecture, and the why's and how's of their development are examined. The latest architecture helps maintain compatibility with a changing standard. Its multiple-domain facility allows multiple(More)
This surveys algorithms and circuits for integer division in special cases. These include division by constants, small divisors, exact divisors, and cases where the divisor and the number base have a special relationship. The related operation of remainder is also covered. Various prior techniques are treated in a common framework. Worked examples are(More)