Robert W Comer

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Provisional restorations of full crown preparations may permit more microleakage of bacteria and their products than the final castings do. However, most investigations of the sealing qualities of cemented castings have reported that they too permit dye leakage. One approach to the problem is to seal the dentin with dentin bonding agents at the completion(More)
A number of obscure syndromes can mimic dental or jaw pain in the absence of pathosis within these structures. This enigmatic dental pain includes conditions such as pretrigeminal neuralgia, complex regional pain syndrome, temporal tendinitis, and carotodynia. Each of these syndromes is described through a pertinent case report to illustrate appropriate(More)
The authors subjected three groups of curing lights to 25 sterilization cycles to test the effects of autoclaving on the curing tip's ability to transmit light. They also investigated whether polishing the tip at various intervals would reduce the effects of autoclaving on light transmission. They found that autoclaving does diminish the ability of the tips(More)
Treatment planning is a critical aspect of clinical education in the dental school curriculum. It is surprising, therefore, that so little attention has been given to this subject in the dental literature. The importance of treatment planning is reinforced in the standards and the tests that clearly present methods and necessity for treatment planning.(More)
Gingival overgrowth frequently occurs in patients medicated with phenytoin (5,5-diphenylhydantoin) to control epileptic seizures. In a recent study, gingival overgrowth was observed in a patient in an experimental group evaluating an automatic toothbrushing system for severely disabled patients. During the evaluation period, which included an oral hygiene(More)