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This study examined the main and interactive effects of multiple social risk factors and the preschool child factors of IQ and mental health on students' academic trajectories from 1st grade to 12th grade. A multiple risk score summarizing 10 environmental risk factors was calculated at 4 years of age for 145 families. Hierarchical linear modeling showed(More)
  • John Paul MacDuffie, John Paul MacDufile, +7 authors Charles Sabei
  • 1997
We are grateful to Honda of American Manufacturing and the Honda suppliers who generously provided time and access to their operations for this project. Thanks also to Abstract Honda of America has developed a comprehensive approach to teaching the principles of lean production to its suppliers. The centerpiece of these efforts is a program called BP (for "(More)
We examined how the direction of apparent motion in one part of a scene can propagate and constrain motion direction in another part. The stimulus scene consisted of an array of dots all moving in the same physical direction at the same time. According to the proximity rule, the dots in the interior of the array should appear to move rightward and the dots(More)
and an anonymous reviewer for useful conversations. Angelique Augereau and Chris Forman provided outstanding research assistance. All errors are mine alone. Abstract The study interprets the early experience of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in terms of the market for technological mediation. A firm involved in technology mediation takes advantage of(More)
OBJECTIVES To establish the safety of an intranasal diamorphine (IND) spray in children. DESIGN An open-label, single-dose pharmacovigilance trial. SETTING Emergency departments in eight UK hospitals. PARTICIPANTS Children aged 2-16 years with a fracture or other trauma. OUTCOME MEASURES Adverse events (AE) specifically related to nasal irritation,(More)
Historically, consumers of mental health services have not been given meaningful roles in research and change efforts related to the services they use. This is quickly changing as scholars and a growing number of funding bodies now call for greater consumer involvement in mental health services research and improvement. Amidst these calls, community-based(More)
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September 28, 2016, marked the 50th anniversary of the Connecticut Mental Health Center, a state-owned and state-operated joint venture between the state and Yale University built and sustained with federal, state, and university funds. Collaboration across these entities has produced a wide array of clinical, educational, and research initiatives, a few of(More)