Robert W. Bossemeyer

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A group of 51 socially active, self-declared neurologically normal subjects ranging from 61 to 84 years of age were studied with a battery of clinical neurological examinations and a semiquantitative vibration perception test. None of the subjects showed a consistent pattern of neurological deficit that could be identified as pathological. On review of(More)
Fifty-two neurologically normal subjects from 61 to 84 years in age were evaluated for sensitivity of perception of joint motion. Right and left metacarpophalangeal and metatarsophalangeal joints were passively moved in an ever-increasing amplitude in a sinusoidal flexion-extension mode. Precise measurements of the amplitude of the angle of deviation where(More)
Threshold perception of motion of the digits was obtained in 14 normal subjects. The metacarpophalangeal joint of the index and the fifth finger of each hand and the metatarsophalangeal joint of the hallux of each foot were passively moved up and down with respect to a horizontal plane defined by the palmar or plantar surface. The motion was sinusoidal at(More)
A real-time stage 1 sleep detection system using a low-cost single dry-sensor EEG headset is described. This device issues an auditory warning at the onset of stage 1 sleep using the "NeuroSky Mindset," an inexpensive commercial entertainment-based headset. The EEG signal is filtered into low/high alpha and low/high beta frequency bands which are analyzed(More)
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