Robert W. Black

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Many streams within the United States are impaired due to nutrient enrichment, particularly in agricultural settings. The present study examines the response of benthic algal communities in agricultural and minimally disturbed sites from across the western United States to a suite of environmental factors, including nutrients, collected at multiple scales.(More)
The consistent cold temperatures and large amount of precipitation in the Olympic and Cascade ranges of Washington State are thought to enhance atmospheric deposition of contaminants. However, little is known about contaminant levels in organisms residing in these remote high elevation lakes. We measured total mercury and 28 organochlorine compounds in(More)
In this paper, we report the sizes and distributional orientation of woody debris in a headwater rainforest stream in the Luquillo Experimental Forest (LEF), Puerto Rico. We also provide results of a 4-month study of a wood addition experiment designed to increase cover for benthic macroinvertebrates (freshwater shrimp). We added branch-sized woody debris(More)
Acute diarrhoeal disease in children is known to be a major public health problem among native Americans living in reservations in the southwestern part of the United States. This study was undertaken to describe the epidemiology and causative agents of diarrhoea more completely, with the expectation that this information may help in the ultimate control of(More)
Acute diarrhoeal diseases continue to be a major health problem in certain underprivileged populations in the United States, including native Americans living in reservations. To describe the features of patients with diarrhoeal diseases requiring medical care, those attending the medical facilities of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Whiteriver,(More)
We demonstrate the solution-phase synthesis of CdS/CdSe, CdSe/CdS, and CdSe/ZnTe core/shell nanowires (NWs). On the basis of bulk band offsets, type-I and type-II heterostructures are made, contributing to the further development of low-dimensional heteroassemblies using solution-phase chemistry. Core/shell wires are prepared by slowly introducing shell(More)