Robert W Bettschart

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RATIONALE There is limited evidence from population-based studies demonstrating incidence of spirometric-defined chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in association with occupational exposures. OBJECTIVES We evaluated the association between occupational exposures and incidence of COPD in the Swiss Cohort Study on Air Pollution and Lung and Heart(More)
BACKGROUND Active smoking has been linked to type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) but only few recent studies have shown environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) to be associated with DM in never-smokers. We assessed the association between long term ETS exposure and DM, and explored effect modifications of this association in our sample. METHODS We analysed 6392(More)
A higher incidence of asthma is reported in women compared with men, but evidence in later adulthood is limited. We aimed to determine the 20-year cumulative incidence of adult asthma in Switzerland and its relation to sex, taking into account age and allergic sensitisation.We assessed incidence of self-report of doctor-diagnosed asthma between 1991/1992(More)
Bilirubin is a strong antioxidant. Increased serum levels have been associated with lower respiratory disease and mortality risk. We studied the association of bilirubin with lung function in the Swiss study on Air Pollution and Lung Disease in adults (SAPALDIA) cohort. Associations between natural logarithmised bilirubin and forced expiratory volume in 1 s(More)
OBJECTIVE In pregnancy, women experience metabolic and hemodynamic changes of potential long-term impact. Conflicting evidence exists on the impact on blood pressure (BP). We investigated the association between parity and BP in the Swiss Study on Air Pollution And Lung and Heart Disease In Adults cohort. METHODS Multilevel linear and logistic regression(More)
BACKGROUND longitudinal analyses of physical activity (PA) and arterial stiffness in populations of older adults are scarce. We examined associations between long-term change of PA and arterial stiffness in the Swiss Cohort Study on Air Pollution and Lung and Heart Diseases in Adults (SAPALDIA). METHODS we assessed PA in SAPALDIA 2 (2001-03) and SAPALDIA(More)
QUESTIONS UNDER STUDY As the burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) increases globally, its prevention and risk assessment becomes ever more important. We thus investigated the longitudinal association of the cardiovascular risk scores in the population-based cohort SAPALDIA with carotid intima media thickening (CIMT), an indicator of sub-clinical disease,(More)
BACKGROUND The aim was to determine if effects from smoking on lung function measured over 11 years differ between men and women. METHODS In a prospective population based cohort study (Swiss Study on Air Pollution and Lung Diseases in Adults) current smokers in 1991 (18-60 yrs) were reassessed in 2002 (n = 1792). Multiple linear regression was used to(More)
BACKGROUND Overweight has been associated with an increase in inflammatory markers and with an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system, such as a decrease in heart rate variability (HRV). In this study we aimed to investigate the modifying effect of a genetic variation in a major anti-inflammatory marker gene, NFE2L2, on the relationship between(More)