Robert W. Baldwin

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A problem with conflicting goals of anonymity and authentication is defined and a cryptographic protocol that solves the problem is presented. The protocol uses an authentication scheme that provides the desired degree of anonymity and authentication. Fake transactions are used to detect active attackers, and to camouflage information that cannot be hidden(More)
A new type of system architecture is described that uses both duplex ct)mmunication and wide-area simplex commtmication to implement a single service. A working community inlbrmation system based on this architecture is discussed fiom a systems perspective, with an emphasis on the unique way in which processing is distributed among a confederation of shared(More)
An enormous number of commercial applications (over 350 million copies) rely on the BSAFE and JSAFE toolkits from RSA Data Security to generate cryptographically strong pseudorandom numbers for keys, initialization vectors, challenges, etc. This paper describes the algorithms used by these tool-kits, discusses their design, analyzes their resistance to(More)
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