Robert Vollmer

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Symptoms of internalization were examined in relation to children's self-reports of three emotions in situations that were either ambiguous or unambiguous as to the child's responsibility for various standard violations. Children ranging in age from 6 to 13 years were drawn from elementary schools (61 boys, 79 girls, mean age = 8.7) and from a community(More)
It has generally been believed that, within the context of the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) theory of superconductivity, the conduction electrons in a metal cannot be both ferromagnetically ordered and superconducting. Even when the superconductivity has been interpreted as arising from magnetic mediation of the paired electrons, it was thought that the(More)
Timely insight into a company's business processes is of great importance for operational efficiency. However, still today companies struggle with inflexibility of monitoring solutions and reacting to process information on time. We review the current state of the art of business process management and business activity management. Based on that we develop(More)
We report the magnetic field dependence of the specific-heat C of single crystals of the first Pr-based heavy-fermion superconductor Pr(Os4Sb12. The variation of C at low temperature and the magnetic phase diagram inferred from C, the resistivity and magnetization provide compelling evidence of a doublet ground state. Two distinct superconducting anomalies(More)
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