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Concurrent programming in ERLANG
The ERLANG Tutorial and an ASN l Compiler guide to distributed programming and object-Oriented Programming are presented.
Concurrent programming in erlang (second edition)
This manuscript contains the complete text of Part I of Concurrent programming in Erlang (ISBN 0-13-508301-X).
One Pass Real-Time Generational Mark-Sweep Garbage Collection
Traditional mark-sweep garbage collection algorithms do not allow reclamation of data until the mark phase of the algorithm has terminated, but in this paper this is changed to allow for reuse of data after thegorithm has terminated.
The Design of Scalable Distributed Erlang
This paper presents a design of Scalable Distributed (SD) Erlang – an extension of Distributed Erlang functional programming language for reliable scalability, and focuses on three aspects of Erlang scalability.
A Garbage Collector for the Concurrent Real-Time Language Erlang
Garbage collection is currently used in many different types of systems, both for high-level languages like ML and Prolog which traditionally have always had implicit memory management, and for
Scalable Reliable SD Erlang Design
This technical report presents the design of Scalable Distributed (SD) Erlang: a set of language-level changes that aims to enable Distributed Erlang to scale for server applications on commodity