Robert Villa

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Hierarchic document clustering has been widely applied to Information Retrieval (IR) on the grounds of its potential improved effectiveness over inverted file search. However, previous research has been inconclusive as to whether clustering does bring improvements. In this paper we take the view that if hierarchic clustering is applied to search results(More)
An aggregated search interface is designed to integrate search results from different sources (web, image, video, blog, etc) into a single result page. This paper presents two user studies investigating factors affecting users click-through behavior on aggregated search interfaces. We tested two aggregated search interfaces: one where results from the(More)
The judging of relevance has been a subject of study in information retrieval for a long time, especially in the creation of relevance judgments for test collections. While the criteria by which assessors? judge relevance has been intensively studied, little work has investigated the process individual assessors go through to judge the relevance of a(More)
In this paper we explore the limitations of facet based browsing which uses sub-needs of an information need for querying and organising the search process in video retrieval. The underlying assumption of this approach is that the search effectiveness will be enhanced if such an approach is employed for interactive video retrieval using textual and visual(More)
Public access to cultural heritage collections is a challenging and ongoing research issue, not least due to the range of different reasons a user may want to access materials. For example, for a virtual museum website users may vary from professionals or experts, to interested members of the public visiting on a whim. In this paper, we are interested in(More)
With the rapid increase in online video services, multimedia retrieval systems are becoming increasingly important search tools to users in many different fields. In this paper we present a novel retrieval interface, "FacetBrowser", which supports the creation of multiple search "facets", to aid users carrying out complex search tasks involving multiple(More)
How assessors and end users judge the relevance of images has been studied in information science and information retrieval for a considerable time. The criteria by which assessors' judge relevance has been intensively studied, and there has been a large amount of work which has investigated how relevance judgments for test collections can be more cheaply(More)
In this paper, we describe one of the largest multi-site interactive video retrieval experiments conducted in a laboratory setting. Interactive video retrieval performance is difficult to cross-compare as variables exist across users, interfaces and the underlying retrieval engine. Conducted within the framework of TRECVID 2008, we completed a multi-site,(More)