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  • R S Tubb
  • 1976
Regulation of nitrogen fixation by ammonium and glutamate was examined in Rhizobium sp. 32H1 growing in defined liquid media. Whereas nitrogenase synthesis in Klebsiella pneunoniae is normally completely repressed during growth on NH4+, nitrogenase activity was detected in cultures of Rhizobium sp. grown with excess NH4+. However, an "ammonium effect" on(More)
A DEX gene from Saccharomyces diastaticus (strain BRG536 alpha DEX1) has been cloned in the hybrid vector pJDB207. The gene is included within a 3.6-kb fragment and confers production of extracellular amylo-alpha-1,4-glucosidase (AMG) and, thereby the ability to hydrolyse starch or dextrins on Dex- strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The cloned gene(More)
This article presents an interface for navigating a musical parameter space. The entire combinatorial space of a ten parameter synthesiser is laid out as a two-dimensional surface on a multi-touch screen. The surface can be scrolled and zoomed using touch screen swipe and pinch gestures, reminiscent of a maps application. The user can place markers on the(More)
This paper outlines a theoretical framework for creative technology based on two contrasting processes: divergent exploration and convergent optimisation. We claim that these two cases require different gesture-to-parameter mapping properties. We present results from a user experiment that motivates this theory. The experiment was conducted using a publicly(More)
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