Robert Tubb

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Several strains of yeast used in the brewing industry have been transformed using a plasmid carrying the dominant gene for copper resistance, CUP1. This technique will make it possible to consider genetic improvement of commercially useful yeasts through the introduction of desirable genes one at a time without disturbing the other characteristics of the(More)
This article presents an interface for navigating a musical parameter space. The entire combinatorial space of a ten parameter synthesiser is laid out as a two-dimensional surface on a multi-touch screen. The surface can be scrolled and zoomed using touch screen swipe and pinch gestures, reminiscent of a maps application. The user can place markers on the(More)
This paper outlines a theoretical framework for creative technology based on two contrasting processes: divergent exploration and convergent optimisation. We claim that these two cases require different gesture-to-parameter mapping properties. We present results from a user experiment that motivates this theory. The experiment was conducted using a publicly(More)
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