Robert Tosi

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The immunochemical analysis of Daudi Ia molecules by a variety of alloantisera led to the recognition of at least three molecular species carrying different antigenic determinants: DRw6, DC-1, and DC-2. Genetic as well as structural evidence indicates that DRw6 and DC-1 molecules are controlled by separate, HLA-linked loci, rather than by alleles at the(More)
Three distinct molecular subsets with different structures and alloantigenic determinants were identified in human Ia antigens from cells of an HLA-Dw7 homozygous cell line. The subsets carried DR7 specificity, BR4X7 supertypic specificity and MB2 supertypic specificity, respectively, and were immunospecifically separated by the use of operationally(More)
T cells recognize protein antigens as fragments (peptides) held in a defined binding site of class I or class II major histocompatibility (MHC) molecules. The formation of complexes between various immunologically active peptides and different MHC molecules has been demonstrated directly in binding studies between the peptides and solubilized, purified(More)
Subsequent to a genomic linkage study on Sardinian and Continental Italian families, we considered the possibility that some of the tested microsatellite markers showed association to MS. Markers selected on the basis of the data obtained in the original set of 70 multiplex families were tested for MS association in an additional set of 154 simplex(More)
In a typical graphics system, a single drawing processor is used to perform pixel level drawing operations, one pixel at a time. A VLSI based drawing proces­ sor and image memory controller is presented which takes advantage of scan-line partitioning of many graphics operations. A four processor implementation is described which operates on four scan-lines(More)
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