Robert Tischler

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate nonsurgical alternatives in reopening chronically occluded aortic bifurcation. DESIGN Uncontrolled randomized study. SETTING University-affiliated referral center for vascular diseases. PATIENTS Twenty-five of 39 consecutive patients with chronic aortoiliac disease including a totally occluded aortic bifurcation were found to be(More)
The introduction of STEAM (stimulated echo acquisition mode) magnetic resonance (MR) sequences provides access to a variety of MR parameters. T1-weighted and calculated T1 proton MR images of the head of healthy volunteers and a patient with an astrocytoma are presented. MR examinations were performed with a 2.0-T whole-body system. The STEAM T1 method can(More)
BACKGROUND In current clinical practice, 35-67% of significant coronary artery lesions are located in small (<3.0 mm) vessels, a setting with poor short- and long-term results after percutaneous coronary interventions. OBJECTIVES The aim of the present Arthos Pico Austria Multicenter Registry is to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the Arthos Pico(More)
A dual-energy Compton scatter imaging technique, analogous to that used in computed tomography and conventional radiography, has been explored. It is shown that this technique allows the photoelectric component of the attenuation factors for the primary and scattered radiations to be derived. Compton scatter images of the ear, corrected for(More)
We describe the design and application of surface coils for magnetic resonance (MR) imaging at high resonance frequencies (85 MHz). Circular, rectangular-frame, and reflector-type surface coils were used in the transmit-and-receive mode. With these coils, the required radio frequency power is reduced by factors of two up to 100 with respect to head and body(More)
The maintenance of adequate local tissue perfusion is the result of control mechanisms which reside at the level of microscopic blood vessels: The constriction and relaxation of the vessels whose vascular walls are endowed with smooth muscle. This phenomenon of vasomotion guarantees homeostatic conditions in peripheral tissues. Superior disorders of(More)