Robert Tenno

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Practical aspects of implementing surfactant mass balance computation in finite elements models, where the model geometry shape change is captured by utilizing the arbitrary Lagrange–Eulerian method are discussed briefly. The discussion and the reported simulations are carried out in two-dimensional Cartesian coordinates. Two alternative approaches to(More)
In this paper, bath control is proposed for the electroless nickel plating through holes board process. The main parameters of the product (board) – thickness of the plating film and phosphorous content – are stabilized at constant levels using optimal tracking control. The set point for control is calculated from the model in dependence on the current(More)
A new distributed parameter stochastic model is introduced for modelling a large-scale wastewater treatment system with distributed water feeding, sludge recycling and removal. The state estimation problem is formulated as a biomass and organic matter profile estimation problem for the aeration basin. It is solved by approximation of the original model with(More)
The mass and heat balance in a multi-stage flash evaporator in once-through configuration is modelled with partial differential equations (PDEs) derived from a system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) that represents a cascade of vacuum tanks. The derived PDE model represents the pressure head, temperature and salinity evolution in the cascade(More)