Robert Taube

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Volcanic regions contain a variety of environments suitable for extremophiles. This study was focused on assessing and exploiting the prokaryotic diversity of two microbial communities derived from different Kamchatkian thermal springs by metagenomic approaches. Samples were taken from a thermoacidophilic spring near the Mutnovsky Volcano and from a(More)
HIV-1 Vpu is a small, single-span membrane protein with two attributed functions that increase the virus' pathogenicity: degradation of CD4 and inactivation of BST-2. Vpu has also been shown to possess ion channel activity, yet no correlation has been found between this attribute and Vpu's role in viral release. In order to gain further insight into the(More)
In brief Tibial stress fractures often occur in Patients who participate in running and jumping sports. With rest, most stress fractures heal without incident, though midshaft fractures are more resistant to healing. Bone scans are usually required to confirm the diagnosis. Relative rest, strength training, proper footwear, and treating underlying risk(More)