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On computing closed forms for summation
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Fast computation of GCDs
An integer greatest common divisor (GCD) algorithm due to Schönhage is generalized to hold in all euclidean domains which possess a fast multiplication algorithm. It is shown that if two N precisionExpand
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On the efficiency of algorithms for polynomial factoring
Algorithms for factoring polynomials over finite fields are discussed. A construction is shown which reduces the final step of Berlekamp's algorithm to the problem of finding the roots of aExpand
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Practical fast polynomial multiplication
The “fast” polynomial multiplication algorithms for dense univariate polynomials are those which are asymptotically faster than the classical O(N2) method. These “fast” algorithms suffer from aExpand
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Studies in fast algebraic algorithms.
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Another polynomial homomorphism
SummaryThe current proposals for applying the so called “fast” O(N logaN) algorithms to multivariate polynomials is that the univariate methods be applied recursively, much in the way moreExpand
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Is a linked list the best storage structure for an algebra system?
Virtually all algebraic manipulation systems are very large programs which can only be run on the largest computers, and even then press the limits of the machines resources [1]. I see this as theExpand
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