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The effects of bilateral hippocampal and neocortical lesions were examined on acquisition and retention of classically conditioned responses based on (a) simple associations, (b) a nonconditional discrimination, and (c) a conditional discrimination in the same subjects. Results showed that combined hippocampal and neocortical damage permanently prevented(More)
The environmental factor causing multiple sclerosis (MS) is unknown. Kurtzke et al. (Neurology 1979; 29: 1228-1235) depicted a north to south diminishing gradient in the case/control ratios for MS among American veterans in the United States. A similar, but less precise, gradient emerged when the incidence rates of varicella from 37 states during 1978-91(More)
There are a number of similarities in the geographic, latitudinal, and epidemiological features of multiple sclerosis (MS) and varicella (V). In the experimental model of MS, repeated high antigen doses (myelin basic protein) have deleted both the clinical and pathological manifestations of the disease. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to explore the(More)
A Planck law relationship between absorption and emission spectra is used to compute the fluorescence spectra of some photosynthetic systems from their absorption spectra. Calculated luminescence spectra of purple bacteria agree well but not perfectly with published experimental spectra. Application of the Planck law relation to published activation spectra(More)
  • R T Ross
  • 1998
This article is a review of the evidence suggesting a unique relationship between the varicella-zoster virus (as a possible antigen or antigen mimic) and multiple sclerosis (MS). Both MS and varicella have increased prevalences in temperate zones and both are rare in countries closer to the equator. Migration studies suggest an infectious agent acquired(More)
A previous study revealed the rarity of varicella zoster virus (VZV) diseases among 5601 Hutterite Brethren living in a high-risk area for these diseases. The current study was established to determine the frequency of other common infectious diseases. The information was gathered from a population-based study of a unique group of Manitoba citizens and(More)
There are similarities between multiple sclerosis and varicella. They are common in the same parts of the world and both are scarce in other areas. Immigration studies suggest the environmental cause of multiple sclerosis (MS) must be contracted prior to age 15 years and will usually remain dormant for years. At age 10 years varicella has occurred in(More)