Robert T. Morgan

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Documenting the recovery of hydrologic functions following perturbations is important to addressing issues associated with land use change and ecosystem restoration. Floodplains on the Santee Experimental Forest were used historically for rice cultivation in the early 1700s; those areas now support bottomland hardwood forests typical of the region. Recently(More)
A squamous cell carcinoma tumor cell line, COLO 227, derived from a metastatic tumor in a Caucasian male, produces both parathyroid hormone and carcinoembryonic antigen. A chromosome mode of 106 predominated and the X and Y chromosomes were retained. Seven marker chromosomes were identified. Cytogenetic analysis revealed an isochromosome 8 marker similar to(More)
A simple and flexible reading tuition procedure is described, incorporating simultaneous reading and verbally reinforced individual reading, utilizing any reading material of the child's choice, and maximizing continuous adaptation to individual reading behaviour. Three reading-deficient children tutored by "paired reading" are presented, indicating a clear(More)
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