Robert T. Goettge

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This paper describes a tool called the Real-Time Scheduling Assistant (RTSA) that provides automated assistance in the areas of selection, evaluation, and implementation of scheduling algorithms for complex real-time systems. In RTSA. design elements relevant to real-time scheduling, including task set and processor characteristics. are specified using a(More)
An analytic performance modeling case study of a complex command and control computer system is presented. A queueing network model of the system was developed and validated. Features of the model found to be critical to its accuracy were detailed software models, general service time distributions, and models of transient response time behavior. Response(More)
Detailed workload specification, extensive response time requirements, and precise modeling of software behavior characterize capacity management of these complex, embedded computer systems. T his article describes capacity management of the current 9020 T en-route air traffic control, or ATC, computer system, the soon-to-beoperational host computer sy'tem,(More)
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