Robert T Barnes

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Individual difference measures have been shown to alter emotional arousal and emotional arousal alters force production during force control tasks. In the current study we examined whether individual differences in behavioral inhibition influence force control during emotional image viewing. Subjects who scored high and low in behavioral inhibition (BIS)(More)
A large body of literature advocates exercise as a successful intervention for increasing positive affect while also reducing negative affect and anxiety. Questions concerning the mechanisms driving these effects remain unanswered, particularly considering theorized attentional adaptations that may be elicited by acute exercise bouts. We investigated pre-(More)
Regional blood flow to the cheek and tongue of anesthetized dogs was measured before and after application of six different doses of snuff (3.12 to 100 mg/kg body weight) to the right cheek. Dose-independent vasodilation was observed at the site of application, whereas dose-dependent vasoconstriction was observed contralaterally. Aortic, central venous, and(More)
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