Robert Szalai

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In this paper we present a detailed theoretical analysis of the onset of spike-wave activity in a model of human electroencephalogram (EEG) activity, relating this to clinical recordings from patients with absence seizures. We present a complete explanation of the transition from inter-ictal activity to spike and wave using a combination of bifurcation(More)
In this paper we describe a method for continuing periodic solution bifurcations in periodic delay-differential equations. First, the notion of characteristic matrices of periodic orbits is introduced and equivalence with the monodromy operator is proved. An alternative formulation of the characteristic matrix is given, which can efficiently be computed.(More)
The Ne˘ ımark-Sacker bifurcation, or Hopf bifurcation for maps, is a well-known bifurcation for smooth dynamical systems. At a Ne˘ ımark-Sacker bifurcation a periodic orbit loses stability and, except for certain so-called strong resonances, an invariant torus is born; the dynamics on the torus can be either quasi-periodic or phase locked, which is(More)
It is a rule of thumb that time delay tends to destabilize any dynamical system. This is not true, however, in the case of delayed oscillators, which serve as mechanical models for several surprising physical phenomena. Parametric excitation of oscillatory systems also exhibits stability properties sometimes defying our physical sense. The combination of(More)
This paper reviews current understanding and presents new results on some of the nonlinear processes that underlie the function of the mammalian cochlea. These processes occur within mechano-sensory hair cells that form part of the organ of Corti. After a general overview of cochlear physiology, mathematical modelling results are presented in three parts.(More)
Various simple mathematical models of the dynamics of the organ of Corti in the mammalian cochlea are analyzed and their dynamics compared. The specific models considered are phenomenological Hopf and cusp normal forms, a recently proposed description combining active hair-bundle motility and somatic motility, a reduction thereof, and finally a model(More)
Szalai et al. (SIAM J. on Sci. Comp. 28(4), 2006) gave a general construction for characteristic matrices for systems of linear delay-differential equations with periodic coefficients. First, we show that matrices constructed in this way can have a discrete set of poles in the complex plane, which may possibly obstruct their use when determining the(More)
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