Robert Sweeney

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Changes in Irish climate may pose a number of obstacles for water resource management. There is a need to approach this problem using the catchment as the basic unit of analysis. The application of a lumped conceptual rainfall-runoff model for simulating beyond a baseline calibration set is a major challenge for climate change impact assessment. This is due(More)
Faced with a mismatch between demand and resources, Emergency Department (ED) administrators and staff need to gauge the impacts of staff decision processes in lieu of increasing resource levels. In this paper we present REDSim, a spatial agent-based simulation framework for studying emergency departments. REDSim focuses on quantifying the impacts of staff(More)
327 he U.S. Navy's Assessment Division (N81) integrates and prioritizes war-fighting capability within resource constraints by using a joint campaign model to represent " what it takes to win " in the complex arena of multiservice regional conflict. N81 commissioned an assessment in the spring of 2006 to determine the feasibility and affordability of adding(More)
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