Robert Sutton

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Maintaining the ecosystem is one of the main concerns in this modern age. With the fear of ever-increasing global warming, the UK is one of the key players to participate actively in taking measures to slow down at least its phenomenal rate. As an ingredient to this process, the Springer vehicle has been designed and is being developed for environmental(More)
This paper presents a variant of an incremental stochastic motion planning technique for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that considers both the algebraic constraints, caused by the environment obstacles, and differential constraints, induced by the vehicle dynamics. The term kinodynamic planning is used to describe this type of motion planning. The(More)
Throughout the field of transportation and vehicle systems control is gaining importance. This report focuses on the current key problems engineers in this field are facing and highlights some major recent accomplishments. The driving forces behind the increasing use of control are the rising need for transportation services and the demand for a higher(More)
This paper presents an approach using a hybrid modelling technique known as Manoeuvre Automaton (MA) to capture the key dynamics of a nonlinear autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) in such a way that high-level tasks such as optimal motion planning can be computationally simplified, while still allowing it to perform complicated manoeuvres when the situation(More)
Antenna performance parameters and the language used to describe antennas can be confusing and sometimes even misleading. While much can be said in general about what constitutes a good antenna, most designs reflect some sort of compromise or trade off between the various desirable attributes because antenna design involves conflicting goals. Therefore, it(More)