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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the pregnancy rate in natural cycle, in ovarian stimulation by clomifene citrate, combination clomifene citrate with gonadotropins and gonadotropins alone. DESIGN A prospective study. METHODS From January 2001 to December 2004 we performed a total of 1747 AIH's cycles (1124 in natural cycles, 296 cycles with clomifene citrate, 122(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of markers of inherited thrombophilia in patients with severe form of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) DESIGN AND METHODS: Blood samples were analysed for markers of thrombophilia (mutation of factor V - Leiden, mutation of methylentetrahydrofolat reductase (MTHFR) C677T and mutation of(More)
OBJECTIVE To present an overview of trials and discussion focused on the diagnostic value of hysterosalpingography in the diagnosis of tubal disease. SUBJECT Review article. SETTING Sanatorium Pronatal, Prague. CONCLUSIONS Hysterosalpingography may be a screening test for tubal patency. Data demonstrates high specificity of hysterosalpingography for(More)
The objective is to present an overview of trials and appreciate the relevant data on the effect of steroids pretreatment (oral contraceptives, 17β-estradiol and estradiol valerate) in assisted reproduction cycles. The subject of the study is to evaluate the clinical characteristics during steroids pretreatment cycles focused on the prevention of ovarian(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of different starting follitropin's beta dose (50 IU, 75 IU and 100 IU daily) for ovulation induction combined with intrauterine insemination on mono-follicular development. SUBJECT Prospective study. SETTING Centre for Assisted Reproduction SANUS, Pardubice. SUBJECT AND METHOD From March 2005 to November 2007 we(More)
OBJECTIVE To present an overview of trials and discussion focused on the method of single embryo transfer leading to reduction of multiple pregnancy rate. SUBJECT Review article. SETTING Centre of Assisted Reproduction SANUS, Hradec Králové. SUBJECT AND METHOD Transfer of two embryos after IVF results in high multiple birth (25%) associated with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate hormonal and cycle characteristics (estradiol and LH level on day 5 and on the day of hCG administration) comparing long GnRH agonist vs. GnRH antagonist protocol for unselected patients. SUBJECT Randomized prospective pilot study. SETTING Sanatorium Pronatal, Praha. SUBJECT AND METHOD From January 2006 to June 2006 we randomized(More)
To prevent multiple pregnancies the goal of ovulation induction by gonadotropins is to achieve only mono-follicular development. The most important issue is therefore to determine the starting dose. The aim of this study is to compare three different starting doses of follitropin beta to assess the lowest effective dose. We evaluated 92 cycles with ovarian(More)
OBJECTIVE To present an overview of trials and discussion focused on the clinical characteristics of recombinant gonadotropins compared with urinary ones in ovulation induction. SUBJECT Review article. SETTING Sanatorium Pronatal, Prague. SUBJECT AND METHOD The subject of the study is to compare the clinical characteristics of recombinant(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare clinical and embryological characteristics in donor cycles triggered for final oocytes maturation with Pregnyl 10 000 IU i.m. versus triptorelin 0.2 mg s.c. in the same patients in two sequential stimulation cycles. The aim of the study is to decrease the risk of the development of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) at high(More)
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