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To better treat and eliminate tuberculosis, patient compliance must be improved. Compliance can be evaluated by measuring a drug or its metabolite in the urine. In Arkansas, a simple colorimetric method of checking the urine for isoniazid (the Potts-Cozart test) has been used for many years, but it is relatively unknown outside that state and its(More)
I have been using the spectrophotometric assay of Cushman and Cheung (1) as modified by Lieberman (2) to assay for serum angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) in diagnosis of possible sarcoidosis. However, replicate determinations produced results that varied considerably, creating some doubt about its analytical usefulness. Taylor and Freeman (3) identified(More)
PREFACE As chair of the Section of Antitrust Law, I am pleased to present The Economics of Innovation: A Survey. There exists decades of research by economists on the interaction between innovation and the patent system and the effects of market structure on innovation. This Survey does not undertake to supply a definitive answer to the difficult question(More)
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