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Absfract-Group collaboration capabilities have been developed for Internet-based Mars rover mission operations. Internet-based operations enables scientists to participate in daily Mars rover mission operations from their home institutions. Group collaboration enables geographically separated users to collaboratively analyze downlinked data and plan new(More)
—The science activity planning process for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission was exercised in a ten day terrestrial rover field test in August 2002. A version of the MER mission Science Activity Planner (SAP) tool was used for downlink data visualization and uplink plan generation. The Field Integrated Design and Operations (FIDO) rover was at(More)
We present a new pattern for implementing worker threads that is more flexible than traditional patterns. Traditional worker threads receive command messages with enumerated IDs that refer to pre-defined behaviors. In our new pattern, worker threads receive function pointers, and they have only one behavior: invoke the function. In this way, new behaviors(More)
— Downlink data products in Mars rover missions need to be associated with their uplink commanded target locations and the uplink commands that produced them. A system for automatically associating downlink data products with uplink commands and targets has been developed and used in a terrestrial rover field test. HTML reports viewable in a browser are(More)
— A variety of designs for Mars rover and lander science operations centers are discussed in this paper, beginning with a brief description of the Pathfinder science operations facility and its strengths and limitations. Particular attention is then paid to lessons learned in the design and use of operations facilities for a series of mission-like field(More)
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