Robert Stawarz

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The response of the noNEpinephrine (NE) sensitive cyclic AMP generating system in slices of the rat limbic forebrain after both the acute and chronic administration of the tricyclic antidepressants desipramine (DMI) and iprindole as well as electro-convulsive treatment (ECT) was investigated. Neither the basal level of cyclic AMP nor the hormonal response(More)
Concentrations of selected heavy metals in the femora and femoral bone structure of bank (Myodes glareolus) and common (Microtus arvalis) voles from different polluted biotopes in Slovakia (Kolíňany and Nováky sites) were investigated. Length, weight, and histological structure of vole bones were also analyzed. We observed higher concentrations of lead(More)
The present results show that clonidine does not mimic the agonist action of norepinephrine (NE) on the noradrenergic cyclic AMP generating system of the limbic forebrain, but antagonizes the stimulatory effect of NE while not influencing the action of isoprenaline. In self-stimulation behavior, clonidine decreases responding and blocks the facilitation(More)
The effect of various antipsychotic drugs on the blockade of dopaminergic receptors in striatum and limbic forebrain was examined by establishing dose-response curves for the increase in HVA and for the antagonism of d-amphetamine-induced rotation in rats with unilateral lesions of the substantia nigra. A good quantitative correlation was found between(More)
BACKGROUND The role of selenium (Se) on bone microarchitecture is still poorly understood. The present study aims to investigate the macroscopic and microscopic structures of femoral bone tissue in adult male rats after subchronic peroral administration of Se. METHODS Twenty one-month-old male Wistar rats were randomly divided into two experimental(More)
BACKGROUND Wild rodents are suitable for monitoring environmental pollution and exposure risk assessment for people living in contaminated areas. The content of selected risk elements in the femora of bank vole (Myodes glareolus), yellow-necked mouse (Apodemus flavicollis) and wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) was estimated from the Kolíňany area of(More)
Cadmium (Cd) and diazinon (DZN) are known to be environmental risk factors for various bone diseases including osteoporosis. Selenium (Se), an essential constituent of many antioxidant enzymes, has in higher concentrations negative effects on the bone. The present study was aimed to investigate possible changes in femoral bone of adult male rats after their(More)
The cyclic AMP generating system in slices of the rat limbic forebrain was investigated. In consists of: (u) A noradrenergic system which responds to norepinephrine (NE) and isoproterenol. Though the rise of the nucleotide elicited by isoproterenol is more rapid than that caused by NE, the maximal effect is less than half of that induced by NE; (2) an(More)
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