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The Attribute Explorer is a visualization tool in which the graphical and interactive presentation of data supports the human acquisition of insight into that data. The underlying concept employed is that of interactive linked histograms. The advantage of the Attribute Explorer derives from its ability to support both qualitative exploration and(More)
The effects of System Response Time, SRT, on interactive graphical problem solving were investigated for fixed SRT's of 0.16, 0.72 and 1.49 seconds. The object was to demonstrate the importance or otherwise of even small SRT values for interactive graphical problem solving of a type which often occurs in Computer Aided Design. A SRT of 1.49 sec was found to(More)
" The Attribute Explorer " video demonstrates a graphical interactive tool for visualizing the relationships within multi-attribute data sets. Rather than using 2-or 3-dimensional multiple views of the data, each attribute is mapped to a single dimensional representation (interactive histogram). Sections of an attribute's histogram can be selected by a(More)
This commentary addresses the recently exploited presentation technique called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, or RSVP, and identifies a number of applications. It describes a number of different RSVP modes, discusses potentially attractive features and reports the results of experimental investigations. Some of the many issues requiring further research(More)