Robert Speck

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The spectral deferred correction (SDC) method is an iterative scheme for computing a higher-order collocation solution to an ODE by performing a series of correction sweeps using a low-order timestepping method. This paper examines a variation of SDC for the temporal integration of PDEs called multi-level spectral deferred corrections (MLSDC), where sweeps(More)
The paper presents a combination of the time-parallel “parallel full approximation scheme in space and time” (PFASST) with a parallel multigrid method (PMG) in space, resulting in a mesh-based solver for the three-dimensional heat equation with a uniquely high degree of efficient concurrency. Parallel scaling tests are reported on the Cray XE6 machine(More)
The parallel full approximation scheme in space and time (PFASST) introduced by Emmett and Minion in 2012 is an iterative strategy for the temporal parallelization of ODEs and discretized PDEs. As the name suggests, PFASST is similar in spirit to a space-time FAS multigrid method performed over multiple time-steps in parallel. However, since the original(More)
The highly scalable parallel tree code PEPC for rapid computation of long-range (1/r) Coulomb forces is presented. It can be used as a library for applications involving electrostatics or Newtonian gravity in 3D. The code is based on the hashed oct-tree algorithm, in which particle coordinates are projected onto a space-filling curve prior to sorting and(More)
The paper presents first a linear stability analysis for the time-parallel Parareal method, using an IMEX Euler as coarse and a Runge-Kutta-3 method as fine propagator, confirming that dominant imaginary eigenvalues negatively affect Parareal’s convergence. This suggests that when Parareal is applied to the nonlinear Navier-Stokes equations, problems for(More)
The paper investigates a variant of semi-implicit spectral deferred corrections (SISDC) in which the stiff, fast dynamics correspond to fast propagating waves (“fast-wave slow-wave problem”). We show that for a scalar test problem with two imaginary eigenvalues iλf, iλs, having ∆t (|λf| + |λs|) < 1 is sufficient for the fast-wave slow-wave SDC (fwsw-SDC)(More)
In-silico investigations of skin permeation are an important but also computationally demanding problem. To resolve all involved scales in full detail will probably not only require exascale computing capacities but also suitable parallel algorithms. This article investigates the applicability of the time-parallel Parareal algorithm to a brick and mortar(More)