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For parallelism to become tractable for mass programmers, shared-memory languages and environments must evolve to enforce disciplined practices that ban "wild shared-memory behaviors;'' e.g., unstructured parallelism, arbitrary data races, and ubiquitous non-determinism. This software evolution is a rare opportunity for hardware designers to rethink(More)
Current technology scaling is leading to increasingly fragile components, making hardware reliability a primary design consideration. Recently researchers have proposed low-cost reliability solutions that detect hardware faults through software-level symptom monitoring. SWAT (SoftWare Anomaly Treatment), one such solution, demonstrated with(More)
While many techniques have been shown to be successful at reducing the amount of on-chip network traffic, no studies have shown how close a combined approach would come to eliminating all unnecessary data traffic, nor have any studies provided insight into where the remaining challenges are. This paper systematically analyzes the traffic inefficiencies of a(More)
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