Robert Slonim

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The canonical bargaining game in economics is the ultimatum game, played by tens of thousands of students around the world over the past three decades. In the ultimatum game, first studied by Werner Güth, Rolf Schmittberger, and Bernd Schwarze (1982), the " proposer " proposes how to split a pie between herself and a " responder. " Then the responder(More)
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We explore the effects of social distance on reciprocal behavior in an experiment conducted over the Internet on three continents and in classroom laboratory sessions conducted in Israel and Spain. Our design elicits individual behavior profiles over a range of contingencies, enabling us to identify hetero-geneity among our participants. We find that many(More)
In this study, we investigate gender differences and menstrual cycle effects in first-price and second-price sealed-bid auctions with independent private values in a laboratory setting. We find that women bid significantly higher and earn significantly less than men do in the first-price auction , while we find no evidence of a gender difference in bidding(More)
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