Robert Siron

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Anticipating the effects of climate change on biodiversity is now critical for managing wild species and ecosystems. Climate change is a global driver and thus affects biodiversity globally. However, land-use planners and natural resource managers need regional or even local predictions. This provides scientists with formidable challenges given the poor(More)
Mesocosm studies were conducted to evaluate the effect of dispersed oil on total and heterotrophic bacterial communities of under-ice seawater from the St. Lawrence Estuary. A regular survey of bacterial changes in the oil-contaminated seawater was performed during a two week period. The bacterial community structure was investigated by carrying out 27(More)
: Mesocosm facilities consisting of five 3.5 m(3) stainless steel tanks filled with seawater from the St Lawrence Estuary (Québec, Canada) were used to conduct a 2 month experiment under the natural conditions prevailing at the end of the winter in subarctic environments, with seawater temperatures ranging from-1.5°C (surface ice cover) to 3°C. Various oil(More)
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