Robert Singer

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In this paper, we propose to rethink the dominant logic of how to model and execute business processes. We think that an actor or agent, respectively Subject-oriented, based approach supports in a much better way the fundamental nature of business processes. We present a proposal for a compiler architecture to model and execute business processes without(More)
This article summarizes our motivation to deal with business process management in several dimensions. Firstly, a critical survey on the current status of business process management in industry is given. Based on well known facts from the area of business administration and strategy, we show why business process management as a whole needs to renew its(More)
Commercially available business process management systems (BPMS) still suffer to support organizations to enact their business processes in an effective and efficient way. Recently, a method for modeling and execution of business processes, named subject-oriented business process management (S-BPM), gained attention. This methodology facilitates modeling(More)
We discuss a fully featured multienterprise business process plattform (ME-BPP) based on the concepts of agent-based business processes. Using the concepts of the subject-oriented business process (S-BPM) methodology we developed an architecture to realize a platform for the execution of distributed business processes. The platform is implemented based on(More)
This study aims to focus on the examination of business process management (BPM) maturity levels within small-and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and their relationship with the company's economic success. A further aim is to evaluate the understanding of the term BPM in the field. The findings result from a mixed-method approach combining qualitative and(More)