Robert Sims

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We consider the Laplacian on a rooted metric tree graph with branching number K ≥ 2 and random edge lengths given by independent and identically distributed bounded variables. Our main result is the stability of the absolutely continuous spectrum for weak disorder. A useful tool in the discussion is a function which expresses a directional transmission(More)
— In this paper, we present mBenchLab, a software infrastructure to measure the Quality of Experience (QoE) on tablet and smartphones accessing cloud hosted Web services. mBenchLab does not rely on emulation but uses real phones and tablets with their original software stack and communication interfaces for performance evaluation. We have used mBenchLab to(More)
We consider the dynamics of the quantum XY chain with disorder under the general assumption that the expectation of the eigenfunction correlator of the associated one-particle Hamiltonian satisfies a decay estimate typical of Anderson localization. We show that, starting from a broad class of product initial states, entanglement remains bounded for all(More)
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