Robert Simon

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of training and institutionalizing teamwork behaviors, drawn from aviation crew resource management (CRM) programs, on emergency department (ED) staff organized into caregiver teams. STUDY SETTING Nine teaching and community hospital EDs. STUDY DESIGN A prospective multicenter evaluation using a(More)
In a preliminary genome scan of 47 bipolar disorder families, we detected in one family a lod score of 3.41 at the PFKL locus on chromosome 21q22.3. The lod score is robust to marker allele frequencies, phenocopy rates and age-dependent penetrance, and remains strongly positive with changes in affection status. Fourteen other markers in 21q22.3 were tested(More)
A cross-sectional study of 120 male workers was conducted to determine the prevalence of increased polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) absorption as well as the presence of potentially related clinical and metabolic abnormalities. Three exposure categories ("exposed", "nominally exposed", "nonexposed") were defined. Complete work histories, clinical histories,(More)
When prognostic indexes have been tested in a second population, they have often performed less well. Since this is believed to be inevitable, methodologic differences that may explain the discrepancies have been overlooked. Data from a prospective study of 232 patients undergoing noncardiac surgery were used to examine the effect of methodologic(More)
Purpose To evaluate the impact that the 2012 US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening guidelines have had on the diagnosis of prostate cancer, we compared the incidence and distribution of new cases diagnosed in 2011-before the USPSTF PSA screening recommendations versus 2014 at which time the guidelines were(More)
A rapid, specific and quantitative high-performance liquid chromatography assay procedure is described for the determination of ICI 125, 211, (I), a guanidino-thiazole H2-receptor antagonist, in small samples of animal plasma. A 0.2 mL aliquot of plasma is extracted at pH 9 with ethyl acetate. After reconstitution in mobile phase, the sample is run on a(More)
The coulometric titration method is combined with the use of an enzymatic analytic reagent for the determination of glucose in human serum. The glucose in 25 ii. of serum is determined in a protein-free filtrate (PFF) with an accuracy of ± 3% and a coefficient of variation of approximately 2%. The procedure routinely covers a concentration range of 25-250(More)
Average life expectancy in developed countries has rapidly increased in the middle of the 20th century and the geriatric problems have become an increasingly important issue. Many diseases in the elderly are more frequent and more severe in comparison to the younger population. This is certainly true for the infectious diseases which are in the elderly(More)