Robert Sief

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BACKGROUND Necropsy studies suggest that atherosclerosis begins in childhood, but in vivo confirmation of this concept is sparse and limited to selected population samples. Furthermore, new risk concepts of atherosclerosis focusing on inflammation, infections, and immunity have not yet been evaluated in this age group. METHODS AND RESULTS This study was(More)
Zielstellung ist die Ermittlung von Referenzwerten für die Einschätzung der Beweglichkeit einzelner Bewegungssegmente in allen Abschnitten der Wirbelsäule. Insgesamt 143 junge gesunde männliche Personen wurden mittels definierter mechanischer Testimpulse über den einzelnen Bewegungssegmenten der Wirbelsäule untersucht. Die Impulsabgabe erfolgt nach(More)
13 patients between 19 and 35 years, 12 of them with histologically verified trophoblastic disease, were examined by MRI, to prove the diagnostic value of this method. In line with the excellent results of MRI described in the literature with respect to the differentiation of tissue characterisation, vascularisation and localisation of tumours, the response(More)
The article reports on 18 sonographically examined patients with clinically verified Peyronie's disease (induratio penis plastica) who underwent a basic sonographical classification according to the system of Kelami. Four weeds after the initial sonography a control study was carried out in 17 patients. 10 of these received a treatment by local instillation(More)
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