Robert Sieber

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Due to the variation of botanical origin honey differs in appearance, sensory perception and composition. The main nutritional and health relevant components are carbohydrates, mainly fructose and glucose but also about 25 different oligosaccharides. Although honey is a high carbohydrate food, its glycemic index varies within a wide range from 32 to 85,(More)
The concentrations of CLA isomers were determined by Ag+-HPLC in the milk fat of cows fed a control diet consisting of hay ad libitum and 15 kg of fodder beets or this diet supplemented with oilseeds containing either high levels of oleic acid (rapeseed), linoleic acid (sunflower seed), or α-linolenic acid (linseed). Highly significant (P≤0.001)(More)
The uniqueness of ruminant milk lipids is based on their high concentration of CLA. Maximal CLA concentrations in milk lipids require optimal conditions of ruminal fermentation and substrate availability, conditions like those present in pasture-fed cows. Our previous work showed that farm management (indoor feeding vs. pasture feeding) markedly influenced(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with cervical spine injuries are a high-risk group, with the highest reported early mortality rate in spinal trauma. METHODS This cohort study investigated predictors for cervical spine injury in adult (≥ 16 years) major trauma patients using prospectively collected data of the Trauma Audit and Research Network from 1988 to 2009.(More)
This is a European cohort study on predictors of spinal injury in adult (≥16 years) major trauma patients, using prospectively collected data of the Trauma Audit and Research Network from 1988 to 2009. Predictors for spinal fractures/dislocations or spinal cord injury were determined using univariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis. 250,584(More)
BACKGROUND Recent data suggest that varicella zoster virus (VZV)-associated complications of the central nervous system (CNS) are more common and diverse than previously thought. The main purpose of this article is to describe the clinical characteristics and the outcome of patients suffering from meningitis and encephalitis caused by VZV reactivation. (More)
BACKGROUND Emergency departments (EDs) are an essential component of any developed health care system. There is, however, no national description of EDs in Switzerland. Our objective was to establish the number and location of EDs, patient visits and flow, medical staff and organization, and capabilities in 2006, as a benchmark before emergency medicine(More)
A field study that involved 22 herds of dairy cattle (1,055 lactating cows, 126 nonlactating cows, and 32 heifers) was done to determine the prevalence of teat-end lesions and their relationship to intramammary infection. Teats were grouped into 4 general categories: normal teat ends; smooth, chronic ring lesions; rough, chronic ring lesions; and acute(More)
Wonkers in incipient laboratory colonies ofMacrotermes michaelseni andOdontotermes montanus build fæcal combs but are unable to inoculate these combs with fungus. These combs are eaten up and the colonies die unless fungus comb from a field colony is introduced when the first workers start foraging. This study investigated whether workers of the two species(More)
There is a belief among some members of the public that the consumption of milk and dairy products increases the production of mucus in the respiratory system. Therefore, some who believe in this effect renounce drinking milk. According to Australian studies, subjects perceived some parameters of mucus production to change after consumption of milk and(More)