Robert Sicoli

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The purpose of this case report is to illustrate the diagnostic difficulties of pericardial tamponade and to suggest that focused cardiac ultrasound be included in the resuscitative care of pediatric shock. Three cases of cardiac tamponade are presented. Each patient had a syncopal episode and presented with altered mental status and hypotension. Muffled(More)
The effect of tolazamide on in vitro rates of gluconeogenesis, ketogenesis, and glycogenesis was determined in liver tissue from fasted normal and diabetic rats. Hormones were not added to the incubation mixture. Two concentrations of the drug were tested, one of which was therapeutic (40 micrograms/ml) and other immoderately elevated (400 micrograms/ml).(More)
Sulfonylureas potentiate the cellular action of insulin, not by changing membrane receptor number as previously thought, but by unknown postbinding mechanisms. We investigated the direct effects of tolazamide on fatty acid oxidation in isolated intact liver mitochondria, prepared from fed and fasted rats. Total ketone body formation and CO2 production (x10%(More)
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