Robert Shields

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A new method to evaluate patients with equivocal obstruction of the pelvioureteral junction is described. It involves the performance of a standard 131iodine-hippuran renogram followed by a second renogram 3 minutes after an intravenous injection of the diuretic, frusemide. When the 2 results are inspected together it is found that the patients can be(More)
Single photon emission tomographic imaging of the brain using 99mTc HM-PAO was carried out in patients with a clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, non-Alzheimer frontal-lobe dementia, and progressive supranuclear palsy. Independent assessment of reductions in uptake revealed posterior hemisphere abnormalities in the majority of the Alzheimer group,(More)
Scintigraphic studies of the oropharyngeal transit of a liquid bolus were performed in 15 healthy controls, 12 patients with symptoms of oral-pharyngeal dysphagia, and 13 patients with neuromuscular disease, who did not have dysphagia. Gamma camera imaging of the head, neck, and upper thorax was undertaken, in the lateral projection, during the swallowing(More)
Krypton-81m gas, by virtue of its imaging characteristics, is often considered the "gold standard" for ventilation scintigraphy but its use is restricted by its high cost and limited availability. The new radiopharmaceutical 99Tcm-Technegas, a suspension of ultrafine technetium-99m labelled carbon particles, produces high-quality images of ventilation and(More)
Fourteen apparently healthy patients with ileostomies were found to be depleted of total exchangeable sodium and potassium, but had normal serum electrolyte concentrations and normal extracellular fluid and total body water volumes. The low exchangeable sodium and potassiums were thus primarily due to depletion of the intracellular compartment. There was no(More)
Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a poorly understood sleep-related movement disorder which can be primary or associated with other conditions, most commonly iron deficiency, uremia and peripheral nerve disease. We present a case of RLS with an unusual secondary cause: primary hyperparathyroidism with hypercalcemia. This patient experienced complete and(More)
A comparison has been made between the results of diuresis renography and deconvolution analysis of the renogram in 36 patients (46 kidneys) with urographically demonstrated renal pelvic dilatation. The mean transit times obtained by deconvolution analysis of the parenchymal renograms of eight normal volunteers had a mean value of 2.8 + 0.6 (S.D.) min, and(More)