Robert Selinger

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Brachial dermo-lipectomy, which has been performed for several decades, became more frequent again with the advent of bariatric surgery. However, brachioplasty still raises the problem of its scars, necessary mostly in the longitudinal axis. Most of the described techniques are with a medial scar. The author's purpose is to show, with a five years(More)
Breast reconstruction with transverse rectus abdominis muscle (TRAM) flap raises two contradictory questions: the vascular safety of the flap and the late abdominal wall sequellae. In order to analyse these sequellae, 71 patients with TRAM flap breast reconstruction at the Institut Curie had a late postoperative evaluation by both a physiotherapist and a(More)
The external eye is continuously exposed to an environment containing potentially pathogenic microorganisms. One of the mechanisms which protects the eye from infection is the tear layer. We review the current knowledge of those antimicrobial substances known to be present in tears and the role they might play in preventing infection. These substances(More)
There is a continuing need to improve the performance of disk subsystems, and one of the key factors of a disk subsystem's performance is the data transfer rate. While it is clear that increasing the data transfer rate would reduce the service time for those applications that move large amounts of data per I/O, the amount of data transferred per I/O in many(More)
After studying a series of thumbs reconstructed by 2nd toe transfer, we devised a new dexterity test: the "five matches test" or "Take Five Test" (R.S.). This test consists of the standardised timed and comparative pick-up of 5 identical fine objects (matches), permitting a simple and quick evaluation which objectively quantifies dexterity in fine pinches.(More)
After a geometrical analysis studying the principle of the "inverted T" scar in mammoplasties and particularly the significance of the horizontal limb of the "T", the authors have developed a mammoplasty technique without a horizontal scar, based on the concept of preservation of the mammary implantation basis. Application of this principle to a preliminary(More)
A retrospective view on the history of mammaplasties for hypertrophic and/or ptotic breasts, shows its evolutive sense, in which we attempted to describe the main stages, avoiding to make a long "catalog". The first period (the longest) was marked by progresses concerning the control of vascular security of the areola and the nipple. That stage was(More)
Mit unterschiedlichen Dosen von Röntgenstrahlen wurden bei der StechmückeCulex tritaeniorhynchus chromosomale Aberrationen (vorwiegend reziproke Translokationen) produziert, die von der zweiten Tochtergeneration an einen konstanten Grad von Semisterilität zeigen. Die Mehrzahl der isolierten Linien zeigte im Durchschnitt eine Letalität von etwa 50%. Die(More)
During the last three years, eleven lateral upper arm flaps were used in the reconstruction of skin defects of the upper limb. These flaps were applied: 7 times on the hand; 2 times on the fore-arm; 2 times on the elbow. Ten flaps had a free transfer, one was vascularised by the distal pedicle. In 4 cases we used an emergency free transfer in the treatment(More)