Robert Sekuler

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A percept of global, coherent motion results when many different localized motion vectors are combined. We studied the percept with dynamic random dot kinematograms whose elements took independent, random walks of constant step size; their directions of displacement were drawn from a uniform distribution. The tendency to see global, coherent flow along the(More)
Theta oscillations (electroencephalographic activity with a frequency of 4-8 Hz) have long been implicated in spatial navigation in rodents; however, the role of theta oscillators in human spatial navigation has not been explored. Here we describe subdural recordings from epileptic patients learning to navigate computer-generated mazes. Visual inspection of(More)
The performance of many cognitive tasks changes in normal aging [1] [2] [3]. Recent behavioral work has identified some tasks that seem to be performed in an age-invariant manner [4]. To understand the brain mechanisms responsible for this, we combined psychophysical measurements of visual short-term memory with positron emission tomography (PET) in young(More)
Aging has been associated with a decline in memory abilities dependent on hippocampal processing. We investigated whether the functional interactions between the hippocampus and related cortical areas were modified by age. Young and old subjects' brain activity was measured using positron emission tomography (PET) while they performed a short-term memory(More)