Robert Scholten

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BACKGROUND Patient empowerment is growing in popularity and application. Due to the increasing possibilities of the Internet and eHealth, many initiatives that are aimed at empowering patients are delivered online. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to evaluate whether Web-based interventions are effective in increasing patient empowerment compared with usual(More)
For the calculation of the forces in the hip, knee and ankle joints during walking the knowledge of the three-dimensional movements of the human body and of the forces between foot and ground is a prerequisite. It is shown how this information may be obtained and what accuracy is obtainable. For the calculation of the statically indeterminate system of the(More)
Heavy metal and pesticide contamination has previously been reported in Chinese Herbal Medicines (CHMs), in some cases at potentially toxic levels. This study was conducted to determine general patterns and toxicological significance of heavy metal and pesticide contamination in a broad sample of raw CHMs. Three-hundred-thirty-four samples representing 126(More)
As part of a clinical trial, we evaluated the effects of the hemoglobin-based oxygen-carrier (HBOC) HBOC-201 (an ultrapurified, stroma-free bovine hemoglobin product, Biopure, Cambridge, MA, USA) on our routine clinical chemistry analyzer (Cobas Integra, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Basel, Switzerland ), blood gas analyzer (Chiron 840, Chiron Diagnostics(More)
While the popularity of and expenditures for herbal therapies (aka "ethnomedicines") have increased globally in recent years, their efficacy, safety, mechanisms of action, potential as novel therapeutic agents, cost-effectiveness, or lack thereof, remain poorly defined and controversial. Moreover, published clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of herbal(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Ethnobotanically driven drug-discovery programs include data related to many aspects of the preparation of botanical medicines, from initial plant collection to chemical extraction and fractionation. The Traditional Medicine Collection Tracking System (TM-CTS) was created to organize and store data of this type for an(More)
Clinical chemistry laboratory results from different laboratories often show large between-laboratory variation due to factors such as differences in method principles, method applications, calibration procedures or the application of different instrument factor settings within the same calibration procedure. We have examined the possible use of common(More)
Dune slacks are important habitats, with many endangered plant species. A series of eleven dune slacks of 1-42years old was studied in SW-Texel, the Netherlands, with the EU-habitat directive species Liparis loeselii present in all except the youngest and oldest. Analysis of aerial photographs revealed that new slacks are currently formed every 4-5years. In(More)
Many schizophrenic patients exhibit significant neuropsychological impairment, and age disorientation is considered to be one of the more extreme manifestations. To evaluate clinical correlates of age disorientation with reference to the course of schizophrenic illness, we compared 39 deteriorated chronic Kraepelinian schizophrenic patients and 39(More)
The mechanical force flow distribution produced by the hip joint endoprosthesis in the remaining, living femur and its deviation from that of the natural bone have a considerable influence on the quality of the bone-endoprosthesis compound and its duration of life. The loads are calculated for the natural bone as the reference system as well as the compound(More)