Robert Scheidweiler

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More than 30 years ago, Karp conjectured that all nontrivial monotone graph properties are evasive, i.e., have decision tree complexity (n 2 ) , where n is the number of vertices. It was proved in 1984 by Kahn, Saks, and Sturtevant [Combinatorica, 4 (1984), pp. 297–306] if n is a prime power by a topological approach. Using their method, we prove a lower(More)
Preface The present work deals with the matching and vertex cover problem in balanced hypergraphs. This class of hypergraphs is, according to the definition by Berge in the 70s, one possible generalization of bipartite graphs. Several authors have investigated the matching problem in this class so far (cf. [FHO74], [CC87], [CCKV96], [HT02] and [CSZ07]). On(More)
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