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Twenty specialist marathon runners and 23 specialist ultra-marathon runners underwent maximal exercise testing to determine the relative value of maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), peak treadmill running velocity, running velocity at the lactate turnpoint, VO2 at 16 km h-1, % VO2max at 16 km h-1, and running time in other races, for predicting performance(More)
We studied rates of exogenous carbohydrate (CHO) oxidation during 90 min of cycling exercise in trained cyclists exercising at 70% of maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) when they ingested glucose, sucrose, or glucose polymer solutions at concentrations of 7.5%, 10% or 15%. Drinks were labelled with [U-14C]glucose or sucrose and were ingested at a rate of(More)
This study was designed to determine the factors predicting the post-race rectal temperature in marathon runners. Post-race rectal temperatures of 30 recreational runners (maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) = 58.3 +/- 5.9 ml O2.kg-1.min-1; mean +/- SD) who completed a 42.2 km marathon at 75.8% (+/- 9.3%) VO2max were measured and related to their levels of(More)
The effects of two low-energy diets on serum insulin concentrations and weight loss in obese hyperinsulinemic females were compared during a 12-wk period. The first diet (n = 15) was designed to evoke a low insulin response (ID), and the second (n = 15) was a conventionally balanced diet (ND). After a 12-wk washout period, seven and nine subjects who had(More)
AIMS Triptorelin is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogue with enhanced affinity for GnRH receptors and a prolonged half-life due to its resistance to enzymatic degradation. The sustained-release formulation of this molecule is advantageous in conditions requiring chronic hormone suppression. METHODS This was an open study to determine the(More)
In this paper a new method for the assessment of both individual and population bioequivalence is proposed that is derived from the approach of Schall and Luus (1993, Statistics in Medicine 12, 1109-1124). The method considers the probability that the bioavailability of the test product is close to the bioavailability of the reference product, against the(More)
In this report, we present data on the expression and function of Fc gamma RII (CD32) by natural killer (NK) cells. Highly enriched NK cell populations were isolated from peripheral blood lymphocytes by negative selection and consisted of > or = 95% CD3-/CD56+ cells. Flow cytometric analyses with anti-CD32 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) demonstrated that a(More)
This paper deals with model selection and the estimation of odds ratios from cross-classified frequencies in the presence of extraneous factors. The odds ratio is estimated in different ways dependent on whether the extraneous factor is modelled as an effect modifier, a confounder, or neither. Routinely this choice is based on statistical tests of null(More)
BACKGROUND New antituberculosis regimens are urgently needed to shorten tuberculosis treatment. Following on from favourable assessment in a 2 week study, we investigated a novel regimen for efficacy and safety in drug-susceptible and multidrug-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis during the first 8 weeks of treatment. METHODS We did this phase 2b study of(More)
For immediate release drug formulations, the maximum concentration (Cmax), the time to the maximum concentration (tmax), the mean residence time (MRT), and recently, the Cmax/AUC ratio have been suggested as absorption rate characteristics. Several authors have used simulation studies to investigate the relative merits of these characteristics. In contrast,(More)