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Dynamic Reconfigurable Network-On-Chip Design provides a snapshot of the state-of-the art in research and development of dynamic reconfigurable network-on-chip designs. The papers' editors and authors are affiliated with institutions that span the The book is divided into five sections: the introduction, design methods, high-level programming, simulation(More)
What does it mean for a profession to be considered mature? How valid is the claim that software faults may be excused due to the immaturity of the field? In giving that claim serious consideration, one might assume that there are stages to maturity, that maturity doesn't arrive in the world fully formed. If so, an understanding of maturity may be found(More)
Tools that provide improved ability to relate genotype to phenotype have the potential to accelerate breeding for desired traits and to improve our understanding of the molecular variants that underlie phenotypes. The availability of large-scale gene expression profiles in maize provides an opportunity to advance our understanding of complex traits in this(More)
The refined model for the biologically inspired agent-based computation systems EMAS and iEMAS conforming to the BDI standard is presented. Moreover, their evolution is expressed in the form of the stationary Markov chains. This paper generalizes the results obtained by Byrski and Schaefer [7] to a strongly desired case in which some agent's actions can be(More)