Robert Samuels

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This investigation quantitatively compared lumenal dimensions of 1 mm end-to-side anastomoses with longitudinal or transverse arteriotomies into host arteries 1.5-2 mm in diameter. In 27 rats, 6-7 mm sections of iliac arteries (1 mm in diameter) were sutured as small bypasses onto abdominal aortae (1.5-2 mm in diameter). Half the anastomoses were performed(More)
Vein grafts are used extensively to repair blood vessels. However, when suitable vein segments are unavailable, alternative graft materials must be used. This study tested the suitability of 1 mm diameter polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) grafts for small-calibre arterial replacements. Grafts of 4 mm length were inserted microsurgically into the iliac arteries(More)
Current game music systems typically involve the playback of prerecorded audio tracks which are crossfaded in response to game events such as level changes. However, crossfading can limit the expressive power of musical transitions, and can make fine grained structural variations difficult to achieve. We therefore describe an alternative approach in which(More)
Four rats responded on one-minute variable-interval schedules with several variations in peak-force of response required for food reinforcement. Measures of peak force and rate were taken for the responses, which were the downward exertions of force against a static force-transducing operandum. The analysis distinguished responses, a generic class of(More)
Despite an emerging interest in the application of dynamic computer music systems to computer games, currently there are no commonly accepted approaches to empirically evaluating game music systems. In this paper we pose four questions that researchers could assess in order to evaluate different aspects of a game music system. They focus on the music's(More)
This paper explores innovative treatment modalities that may encourage the participation of lower socioeconomic minority clients in sex therapy programs. It suggests the consideration of informal therapeutic settings, flexible hours, and an immediate contact with the therapist. It lends support to the concept that equal time be given to education and(More)
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This dissertation explores a novel approach to gamemusic that addresses the limitations of conventional gamemusic systems in supporting a dynamically changing narrative. In the proposed approach, the music is generated automatically based on a set of variable input parameters corresponding to emotional musical features. These are then tied to narrative(More)