Robert Sallares

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Problems concerning the concept of biocoenosis in ecology (the antecedent of the pathocoenosis concept) are discussed first of all. Six main problems are identified: the problem of emergent properties of ecological communities; the problem of ambiguity; the problem of heterogeneity; the boundary problem; the problem of retrospective differential diagnosis;(More)
We have used hybridization analysis to detect ancient DNA in wheat seeds collected from three archaeological sites in Europe and the Middle East. One of these samples, carbonized T. spelta dated to the first millennium BC, has yielded PCR products after amplification with primers directed at the leader regions of the HMW (high molecular weight) glutenin(More)
We describe a PCR system that distinguishes the A, B and D genomes in wheat DNA extracts. PCRs were directed at the 'non-transcribed spacer' regions of the rDNA loci. The spacers within the D genome locus have a 71-bp insertion that is absent from the corresponding A and B loci. PCR product sizes therefore enable D- and D+ genomes to be distinguished. The A(More)
We present DNA sequence data showing population variation in the intergenic spacer (IGS) regions of the ribosomal DNAs (rDNAs) on the A genomes of 27 diploid and polyploid wheats. PCRs (polymerase chain reactions) specific for the A(m) genome gave products with five populations of Triticum monococcum but did not give products with AABB or AABBDD wheats.(More)
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