Robert S White

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Psychoanalytic process is defined as the interaction between the psychoanalyst and the patient, primarily through the interplay of transference and resistance. Transference and resistance are understood as a unitary phenomenon that can be expressed either as an intrapsychic potential or as an interpersonal relationship. One of the aims of psychoanalytic(More)
Transference can be understood to have complementary aspects: the experience in the here-and-now of the relationship with the analyst and the repetition of old relationships. The concept of an enactment is proposed to describe the vivid reexperience of childhood relationships in the here-and-now of the analytic relationship. Countertransference(More)
The best estimate for the age of the material which forms the Earth is 4,566 million years, which is accurate to within a few million years. The universe is three times older, at 13,700 million years. Modern humans extend back only a few thousandths of one per cent of the age of the Earth, although living organisms have been present on Earth throughout most(More)
In the analysis of a woman with multiple childhood traumas, the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" figured prominently. The author discusses the use of the fairy tale in this case at various levels. He suggests an interplay between a national myth, the fairy tale, and a personal myth-the patient's psychodynamics. The fairy tale can be used to illuminate(More)