Robert S. Stoughton

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This paper presents a novel manipulator structure which combines two known parallel manipulator structures a Stewart Platform (SP), and a double octahedral Variable Geometry Truss (VGT). The combined VGT+SP structure is redundant, using nine actuators to realize six-DOF motion. Combining the two structures allows the translational and orientational(More)
The duty cycles of a human-controlled servomanipulator system have been experimentally measured revealing how humans use manipulators to perform tasks. The use of the kinematic ranges, in both joint and Cartesian space is valuable to engineers in the kinematic design of servomanipulators. The working volume of human manipulation presented here is also of(More)
The DOE Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Robotics Technology Development Program has been investigating the application of robotics technology to the retrieval of waste from single-shell storage tanks for several years. The use of a large, "long-reach'' manipulator to position and orient a variety of tools and other equipment has been(More)
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